HLC is an evolving conversation about how leadership can improve performance by serving human needs.

Our focus

  • Performance - humane leaders improve performance by reaching deeper than simply applying measures, accountability and external motivations
  • Personal engagement - humane leaders improve engagement by actively aligning people’s work with their own and the organization's values
  • Community - creating opportunities and tools to bring people together in connective, expansive, inclusive, and constructive communication around our definitions of purpose, cooperation, success, and leadership

How we do it

  • Experimenting with our own self-leadership methods
  • Leveraging what we learn about humane leadership of ourselves into leading others more effectively
  • Sharing with others who want to transform their own leadership and the larger culture of leadership
  • Developing online curricula, workshops and events

Learn more about

  • Improving performance and business outcomes
  • Engaging more of our humanity at work
  • Experimenting with fresh mental models to invigorate creativity and accountability
  • Hosting conversations that improve team engagement and experience
  • The role of the humanities in business
  • Joining the Humane Leadership Conference community


  • How can more humane employee experiences produce better business outcomes?
  • How can I improve my performance by acknowledging my own humanity and transcending my limitations to reach even higher goals?
  • What questions can we ask our prospective leaders before committing to be led by them?
  • How can we experiment with persuasive technology and user experience design principles to create our own, positive dopamine loops?
  • More

Let's design what's next together.

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