HLC Values, Vision & Mission

HLC Values

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Fair Strength: Humane leaders balance their strength with fairness- they are only strong when they need to be. Their strength is measured, wise, and serves as many as possible.

Wise Balance: The diamond of our fair strength must rest upon balanced wisdom. Our decisions must weigh many things- our own needs and deeply held values, the competing needs of our team, our organization and our shared social and natural ecosystems, and the use of financial, natural and time resources.

Generative Care: Humane leaders spark care for each other and for our highest values and aspirations. In our work there needs to be an element of love- for the people we're serving, for the people were leading, and for our hope and faith in humanity- or we shouldn't be leading at all.

HLC Vision

  • Our shared values and curiosity increase our personal and collective understanding of humane leadership
  • Our learnings about humane leadership makes our efforts increasingly effective
  • We become a beacon for thoughtful, committed leaders in local communities as well as organizations and businesses globally
  • Over time our humane leadership models and principles earn a foundational place in global civil society

HLC Mission

The HLC community positively impacts global leadership culture by supporting those who share our vision. One way we build community is through local development meetings.

  • Offering a forum and a set of questions that will seed a set of regional groups inquiring into the practice of humane leadership
  • Connecting leaders committed to exploring and practicing humane leadership in their own lives, with their peers
  • Collaborating to refine helpful models, develop actionable insights, and create opportunities to practice our own humane leadership

Our Focus

  • High Performance - humane leaders improve performance by working collaboratively with teams to ask better questions about the motivations, opportunities, clarity of expectations, and abilities that affect business outcomes
  • Earned Influence - humane leaders improve engagement by earning influence and aligning people’s work with their own and the organization's values rather than by climbing a role-based ladder
  • Human Connection - we connect teams in expansive, inclusive, and constructive collaboration around questions of purpose, cooperation, performance, and leadership


  • How can more humane employee experiences produce better business outcomes?
  • How can I improve my performance by acknowledging my own humanity and transcending my limitations to reach even higher goals?
  • What questions can we ask our prospective leaders before committing to be led by them?
  • How can we experiment with persuasive technology and user experience design principles to create our own, positive dopamine loops?
  • More on the power of questions.