HLC Values, Vision & Mission

A few words on why we are stepping into this conversation and why you might want to join us.

HLC Values


  • The freedom to create a vision of our own future
  • The power to share ideas and be heard in a safe space
  • The ability to lead ourselves, fusing insight, creativity, and energy into soulful, inspiring work


  • Ensuring diversity and the opportunities it creates for learning and change
  • Creating balance in our lives and work, nurturing all of our human capacities, in our heads, hearts and hands
  • Ensuring fairness, to create and distribute opportunities for growth based increasingly on a meritocracy
  • Pursuing more equitable pay structures


  • We care for each other by asking for the best from ourselves and our teams
  • Our passions, truths, and experience define each of us as unique and essential to the whole
  • Our courage allows us to speak and act while our compassion compels us to listen
  • We are practical, constantly developing our models and methods of leadership to best serve those we lead

HLC Vision

  • Our shared values and curiosity increase our personal and collective understanding of humane leadership
  • Our learnings about humane leadership makes our efforts increasingly effective
  • We become a beacon for thoughtful, committed leaders in local communities as well as organizations and businesses globally
  • Over time our humane leadership models and principles earn a foundational place in global civil society

HLC Mission

The HLC community positively impacts global leadership culture by supporting those who share our vision through these stages:

Emerge stage – Local Development Meetings

  • Offering a forum and a set of questions that will seed a global set of regional groups inquiring into the practice of humane leadership
  • Connecting leaders committed to exploring and practicing humane leadership in their own lives, with their peers
  • Collaborating to refine helpful models, develop actionable insights, and create opportunities to practice our own humane leadership

Growth stage – National and Global Conferences

  • Link regional groups into national and global initiatives to extend our impact and to create larger opportunities to practice humane leadership
  • Study the linkages between humane leadership and producing desired results (impact, profits, etc.)

Impact stage – Global Action

  • Extend the teaching of humane leadership ¬†practices
  • Coordinate cultural shifts in alignment with and out of our Humane leadership principles