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HLC Interview with Stephen Sloan

I think we have some serious questions about leadership before us that need our very best thinking – not one person’s best thinking, but the wisdom of the crowd.

We really need a new way of looking at our humanity if we’re going to deliver the greatest good for the greatest number going forward.

Stephen is the driving force inside the Humane Leadership Conference. He is also Managing Director of Sloan Value Partners, a management consultancy specialising in IT, sales and leadership development. Here are a variety of questions that begin to give us a sense of Stephen’s path here and what’s to come. Continue reading HLC Interview with Stephen Sloan

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Every Organization is a Social Experiment

Every business or nonprofit organization is a social experiment being run by its leaders.

Born out of our experience, most of us believe “I can do better than my old boss,” and so the experiments begin, often with little consideration of how our approach will directly impact our teams, our customers’ experiences, or our business outcomes. Continue reading Every Organization is a Social Experiment

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Interview with Eloise Lawler

HLC_Interview 18.002

As a serendipitous addition to our work with young people, Nick Lawler’s daughter, Eloise, offered to intern with us for a couple of weeks at the end of the summer. A millennial college student in Bristol, she reviewed our tools and offerings and gave us feedback on their relevance to a young audience. She also hosted our first gathering of teenagers who discussed the leadership maturity curve, the coffee jig, and the hindrances jig with great insights.

Topics discussed in this interview

  • Leading millenials
  • Segregation of generations and cultures
  • Globalization
  • Opportunity and the need for tools to navigate one’s life path

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Interview with Heidi Gehman

HLC Int18.003

Stephen had the pleasure of talking about self leadership with Heidi Gehman, a higher education administrator and former colleague of Stephen’s at Oregon Extension, where she was teaching college courses in the Humanities. Stephen talks to Heidi about more humane leadership here.

Topics discussed in this interview

    • Hope
    • Impeccability
    • The moral life
    • Iris Murdoch’s concept of “intentional attention”
    • How to get the ego out of the way of truth

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HLC_Int18.002 Interview with Kevin Christman

Kevin Christman Sculptor Alchemy of Light

We believe that leaders can learn leadership across disciplines, so we were curious about Kevin Christman’s self leadership practices that create the structure and balance in his independent, creative life.

Ashland, Oregon, our home town is a haven to artists of all types, but one of the very finest is Kevin Christman. Formerly an Engineer with Northrop and McDonnell Douglas, Kevin is a talented sculptor, painter, and stained glass artist.  See for yourself here.

Topics discussed in this interview

  • Leaving the structure of work in corporate settings
  • The role of inspiration in creative work
  • Time management, self care and balance
  • Integrating life and work

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