Engaging with the Humane Leadership Conference

We would like you to help us crowdsource answers to this question: Can we produce better bottom line results by creating more humane experiences for both leaders and the led? If you want to vote with your time and energy for the world you want to live in, and engage with a cohort of globally connected peers, sharing your learnings and experience while spreading the insights you help create, we want to hear from you.

There are lots of ways to align with the movement:

Become a member of HLC

For $20 USD per month you gain:


  • Access to members-only blog posts and comments, joining a global community of peers committed to developing themselves and humane leadership
  • Test drive and review content and curriculum before they are publicly released
  • Attend regional and larger conferences
  • Lead a local conference and nurture your own humane leadership development cohort


  • New, advanced Wisdom Jigs as they are released
  • Join the conversation with HLC leaders as the movement unfolds. Have a seat at the table, have an opportunity to influence direction and pace
  • Get book chapters as they are released in galleys, opportunities to comment before publication


  • Align yourself with HLC with your own profile page on the HLC site featuring your Getting To Know You Interview responses and a link back to your website


  • The opportunity to become a more humane leader yourself, becoming the change you want to see in the world by contributing to a growing curriculum in humane leadership development
  • Enroll in our HLC accreditation program (after Winter 2019)


  • Support the crowdsourced content development and crowdfunded distribution of a new, more humane approach to leadership to students and professionals globally
  • Help us build outreach programs to local schools and global leadership development organizations

Become an HLC member

Include your team with HLC group programs

  • We offer leader success programs, such as webinars, lunch and learns, and 1/2 and full-day programs to build humane leadership skills. Please see our Corporate Workshops page for more information or contact us for details.

When and where is the actual conference?

  • Our plan is grow organically by starting with local conferences of 5-8 leaders in your area, forming monthly study groups around creative questions and opportunities that foster our own self leadership and humane leadership development skills
  • Local conferences will gather a few times per year, growing into regional, national and eventually global conferences
  • We are targeting the first global conference to happen in October 2018 in San Francisco
  • Action meetings will be held regularly to coordinate and extend development and the cultural shift we co-create