Corporate Workshops

Leadership training for new and experienced leaders


Team leaders are the keys to unlocking engagement and performance.

But many of today’s team leaders, while being highly educated and technical, are ill-equipped to lead the humans on their teams.

Today’s leaders often have world-changing tool sets for analysis, intervention and design. These tool sets are often based on mechanistic or clinical models.

While these analytical approaches are tremendously successful for designing and operating complex systems and processes, they are often not optimal for leading teams of human beings.

It is like we have highly developed our arms and shoulders but let our legs atrophy. We need leaders who are strong in a balanced, holistic way.

The Humane Leadership Conference offers practical training for leaders to develop the humane leadership skills required to connect with, inspire, organize and lead today’s skilled diverse workforce born of a variety of generations, cultures and value sets.

These “soft skills” can be hard to learn.

HLC has developed a curriculum that engages leaders in the privacy of their own self leadership. This allows them to experiment with new ways of thinking, holding accountability, and designing experiments to improve performance and improve results.

We offer a variety of workshop formats, including lunch-and-learns, multi-day retreats, immersive retreats, and multi-day intensives to start your team on the process of transforming their own self leadership and the way they lead others. We’ve learned that we cannot lead others very differently from how we lead ourselves.

Highly functioning adults especially need a private place in which they can experiment with new ways, new methods, and new frameworks before they test their learnings on their own workplace teams.

Here’s the link to the deck presented in the video above.


    • Team Engagement and Performance – Performance evaluation, authentic connection, earning power and influence
  • Self Leadership – Motivation (hopes, fears, needs, wants), time, personal learning mapping and planning
  • Thinking – Dialectic, root cause analysis, combinatorial thinking, logical fallacies
  • Project Leadership – dependency tree, constraints, critical path analysis and leadership
  • Processes and Systems – error sources, use cases, personas and needs
  • Leadership Skills – Decisions, Storytelling, Rhetoric
  • Tools for Leaders – PowerPoint advanced storytelling, Excel analysis skills, collaboration suites hacks to focus, align and inspire action
  • Becoming an Autodidact – Primer and edges, learning upstream, Cornell notes and syntopical reading

Of course businesses must improve productivity and performance to remain competitive, but they also must engage their best workers in humane and holistic ways or they will lose them to other employers who are better at engaging people’s hearts and minds.

If you want your leadership team and your middle managers to become assets and allies in retention, creating an environment that retains and inspires great performance from your best team members, we can help. The alternative is to allow those with the most awareness and the greatest number of choices to continue leaving your organization, leaving behind those who are less conscious and less in demand within your organization. The key to success today is to engage and keep engaged the very best workers. The very best workers require leadership that engages all of them– all of their values, all of their ideas, all of their creativity, all of their empathetic forethought.

If you’d like to learn more, please use our contact form and let us know. We look forward to talking with you and discussing your needs and how our curriculum might support your goals.