Leadership Training and Coaching

Leadership Training and Support for Teams and Individuals

Part of our core mission is to identify, refine and spread humane leadership development best practices. To that end, we offer a variety of leadership training workshops.

An engaging, practical experience

  • Energizing interaction –  a workshop that is highly interactive, focused on working through real situations in your business life
  • Insights and practice with tools designed to build skills in:
    • Earning influence
    • Evaluating risk & decisions
    • Performance evaluations that are easy, clarifying, aligning, and motivating
    • Aligning one’s values with the values of the organization
    • Networking for non-networkers
    • Innovative thinking
  • Transformed time use – focused on driving different uses of time after the event- you actually schedule time on your calendar to incorporate changes in behavior
  • Practical and deep – no meditation, no gongs. This is about getting real, looking at your assumptions, clearing your vision, and acting anew out of your personal influence and power
  • Connection and inspiration – invigorating at a deeply human level

Humane Leadership training is relevant and unique

  • ROI focused
    • Business outcomes-centered curriculum allows measurable ROI on the investment in leadership development
  • Transformative
    • Designed to create lasting change in team and personal performance
    • Neuroscience research enriched by wisdom from the East and West
    • Uplevels approaches and behaviors with transformative, reusable thinking tools
    • Socratic dialog and peer interactions enliven and deepen engagement and learnings
    • Transforms thoughts and actions by refining fundamental assumptions and models
    • Soft skills can be hard to learn
  • Practical and integrative
    • In-your-calendar action plans build habits and impacts long after you’re back in the office
    • Humane leadership training engages the whole human–mind, heart and body

Tailored training formats

  • For Individuals
  • For Teams
    • Workshops – half, full and multi-day events tailored to fit your culture and needs
    • Team facilitation, support and coaching – regular group and individual sessions to improve alignment, creativity and collaboration
  • For Organizations
    • Train the trainer
    • Workshops to align team culture and line management approaches across business units

Who benefits most from Humane Leadership training?

  • Team leaders desiring humane best practices – especially those coming from technical or clinical backgrounds
  • Business unit and senior leaders looking to uplevel their leadership approach
  • Leaders seeking improved effectiveness and alignment with their personal values
  • Leaders looking for a competitive advantage
  • Visionary individuals preparing for leadership roles

Workshops offered

    • Team Engagement and Performance – Performance evaluation, authentic connection, earning power and influence
    • Transform and Optimize Time –Effective and humane approaches to leading yourself and others in fast-paced environments that push us towards cognitive and emotional overload
    • Self Leadership – Motivation, time investment, personal learning planning and mapping
  • Additional courses coming in 2020
    • Thinking for Innovation – Dialectic, root cause analysis, combinatorial thinking, logical fallacies
    • Project Leadership – dependency tree, constraints, critical path analysis and leadership
    • Processes and Systems – error sources, use cases, personas and needs
    • Advanced Leadership Skills – Decisions, Storytelling, Rhetoric

Set a time to discuss your needs, questions and to learn more

What clients say:

“Stephen is definitely one of a rare breed of talents, who can look at the big picture, combine that with integrity and a human touch, and turn out results with a direct focus on the bottom line.”


“Stephen is sincere, knowledgeable, patient, and full of wonder.”


“I learned the importance of ‘the experience’ of business. You need to know how to facilitate a business but you also need to know how to create an experience for someone who utilizes the business (aesthetic arrest). Also it is important to have a strong connection to the work you are doing and a set of values to consistently adhere to so as not to lose the heart of the business and keep the integrity of the business going for a long time. “