Leadership Training and Support for Teams and Individuals

We train you and your team leaders to effectively, humanely engage, align and develop their team members in support of the company’s goals and stated values.

Humane leadership essentials

  • Team Performance and Engagement – Performance improvement, authentic engagement, and experiment design 
  • Self Leadership – Motivation, time investment, personal learning planning and mapping
  • Earning influence as a humane leader – how leaders emerge, earn and maintain influence and authority, executive presence

Humane leadership deeper practice

  • Clarity of expectations – elegant project creation methods
  • Accountability across time – fetch, checklists, tempo of work
  • Finance for Leaders – turning numbers into insight and action
  • Data for Leaders – hearing the story, gaining insight, testing your hypotheses

What clients say:

“Stephen is definitely one of a rare breed of talents, who can look at the big picture, combine that with integrity and a human touch, and turn out results with a direct focus on the bottom line.”


“Stephen is sincere, knowledgeable, patient, and full of wonder.”


“I learned the importance of ‘the experience’ of business. You need to know how to facilitate a business but you also need to know how to create an experience for someone who utilizes the business (aesthetic arrest). Also it is important to have a strong connection to the work you are doing and a set of values to consistently adhere to so as not to lose the heart of the business and keep the integrity of the business going for a long time. “