Humane Leadership Book

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Performance Improvement Tools for Humane Leaders

Today's most valuable creative, technical, and clinical talent refuse to be treated as cogs in a shareholder value machine.  They ask more of their leaders and are aware of their many options for working with leaders and organizations who will nurture their talent and value their humanity.

This book introduces a model for performance evaluation and improvement and teaches how to use this tool to build trust and self-coaching skills rather than to create external, fear-based motivations.


1  Why Another Book on Performance Improvement?

2  A New Model for Performance Improvement PMOCA

3  Using the Performance Dialogue in Meetings

4  Roots of Motivation

5  Opening Opportunities

6  Clarifying Clarity of Expectations

7  Extending Abilities

8  Leaders’ Challenges

9  Others’ Challenges

10  Roots of Humane Performance

11  Implications and Next Steps

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